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Thread: Mullet technique? Assistance request.

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    Mullet technique? Assistance request.

    Wondering if anyone (like Leigh) could share info on catching Mullet ( >30cm) on ISO - don't need to know where but what type of location / environment do you look for.

    Large Mullet school up off some of the local northern beaches - what bait do you use catch them?

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    Im not too sure about how to catch them on iso gear, but seen many videos on youtube explaining how to catch poddy (>30cm) using a bottle or a box (trap method?)
    Bread is commonly used to catch mullet (poddy)

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    A mate of mine Mr.Binh is pro at mullet fishing.

    Observing him catching >30cm mullets is like boobies to your senses.
    From the time your bait hit the water,you can see your bait in the top water, you can see them chasing up to the bait, fighting over it, taking the bait and running from others, then striking they go ballistic, acrobatic moves like jagger. usually the fight last <10sec if you use abit heavier gear.

    Setup off the rocks:

    ISO rod with the usual floating rig setup. perhaps #0.5 - #2.0 because they like feeding in fast current.
    The trick is shorten up your leader to about 1/2 - 1 meter because they are top water feeders.

    At a starting point maybe #1.0 float with 4 or 5 tiny split shots along your leader to balance out your float bouyancy. The reason for this is because, when fishing the washes or near, current moves pretty fast, water is highly oxygenated. Not enough lead and youll see your bait floating on top. What you want is bait sinking naturally in the fast top water column.

    Gun bait is pilchard guts then pieces. Im sure theres others. Berley with mashed bread and/or pillies is your best bet.
    If you can see them, they are feeding. Cast beyond the group retrieve slowly till you see them approach behind. then stop let your bait sink, this is when they like to strike.


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    Cheers for that Meiji.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joseph1230 View Post
    Im not too sure about how to catch them on iso gear, but seen many videos on youtube explaining how to catch poddy (>30cm) using a bottle or a box (trap method?)
    Bread is commonly used to catch mullet (poddy)
    Thank for the links, excellent vids for bait collecting,I'm actually thinking of the big buggers - the bulls that you see at the beach sometimes...

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    Greetings Haraka, for me I use an iso rod with a #1 float (for better casting)no sinker -attached to a leader that has 3 spaced medium sized floating beads. The floating beads are spaced using stoppers. So there are a total of 6 stoppers for this rig. This goes to an small hook that is snelled. The hook is manually bent / offset slightly at the tip to allow better hookups. The distance between each floating bead is about 6 inches. Because mullet ("Bora" in Japan) like to feed shallow, the distance between the last bead and the hook is 4-6 inches. Ideally the entire rig floats with the exception of the bait on the hook. Also, the color of the bead closest to the hook is red. I find they seem to be attracted to this color. The fish will lightly grab and drag the bait which you will see as the link of floating beads moves like a snake and you are sure the fish is ready for you to set the hook. These mullet (Bora) are about 20 inches long and fight hard with many powerful dives that require you to loosen the drag and let them tire themselves out. The line I use is 4-6 lb FC. A telescopic net must be used because the fish with it's weight 6-12 lbs WILL break the line if you try to land it without a net. Light line because these fish have excellent eyesight. I observed that they won't bite if the rig is not at least 30 feet from the person on shore. Anything closer to the shore they are timid about biting. Lastly, I use shrimp for bait and Chum with a bread based mixture. Make sure to Chum after you hook one so it's friends won't freakout.
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