Hello and sorry for my English, I love fishing and I fish by many differents styles like spinning, jigging, surfcasting, etc. I've been fishing for about 8 years (I have 20 now) But the last year I discover the float fishing, before I try it I don't interesting in it and now is an obsession. Now I play a Bolognese rod a Maver Superveloce. But I read a lot about ISO style, and I love their philosophy the natural and the connection of all the things in the scenary of fishing. There are many things in the rig I don't understand, and there are my questions:
1.Di-ISO fishing is fishing without a control depht (without a stopper), the float is sliding at the line and you control the deep and the bites by feeling?
2.In this case is better a nible tip for a ultra finness fishing by felling?
3.I understand how function the 0,00, 000 and I'm very interesting in there. There are only shapes and types of floats and there will be used on semi floating rig and free floating rig or only in free floating rig?
4.Is the same free floating rig and Di-Iso fishing?
5.You know some books of ISO fishing?
Thanks you very much!