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Thread: 54cm Silver Trevally On Ultra Light Spinning Gear!

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    54cm Silver Trevally On Ultra Light Spinning Gear!

    Oz ISO Fishing member Thomas Gllings with a PB 54cm Silver Trevally caught from around the Parramatta River on ultra light spinning gear.
    It was a mission to land on PE 0.3 and 6lb leader, after fighting the fish for a solid 20 minutes, the fish eventually gave up and was released after some quick photos.
    Well done to Thomas for landing the PB and releasing it!

    Gear used:
    Rod: Daiwa Gekkabijin MX Ajing 71UL-S
    Reel: Daiwa Gekkabijin EX 2004C
    Lure: 50mm Cranka Crab (Fiddler Crab)

    43550452_1931070020306085_5528277613291765760_n (1).jpg

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    Gillsy with the big fish! I can imagine how intense that 20min fight must have been!

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