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Thread: ISO sesh in the Northern Beaches

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    ISO sesh in the Northern Beaches

    It was cold early morning start, meeting with ozisofishing member Joseph Kim at 4:30am. We arrived at our spot in the Northern Beaches at 5:15 after a quick Macas run. However, getting out of the car, we quickly retreated back inside after we discovered how much colder it was at the coast compared to our homes in Western Sydney. After a 10min “rest” we braved the chill and started the cliff climb down to the spot. Thankfully the rock hop warmed us up a lot and we were eager to test our new ISO gear and see some action.
    Joseph set up the rods while I prepared the old bread burley. I estimate the bread was at least 1 year old as it was harder than rock and my hands nearly froze after submerging my hands in the icy water. Eventually we wet our lines by first light eager to try our new gear.

    The conditions were perfect with minimal wind. Willyweather predicted a 1m swell and this seemed accurate. As this was usually quite a dangerous spot there was still some wash despite such low swell, turning the fish on and keeping us safe.
    Having a quick eging flick, Joseph was the first to hook up onto what must have been a sizeable calamari. Unstoppable and pulling drag, the suspected squid suddenly dropped off. Dismayed by the lost catch but excited to test our new gear we switched to ISO.

    Soon after, using Coles 85c bread I saw my float bob under and I was on. The battle was incredible with the fish taking multiple dives and pulling meters of drag, my 1.5 号 Daiwa interline loading up beautifully. Eventually after a long fight I washed up the blackfish with a wave. But it was not over, the blackie taking one last powerful run in the rock pool. It measured to 37cm, my current PB.
    Joseph didn’t have to wait long either until he hooked onto a decent drummer. It was clear that this fish wasn’t mucking around as it dived right to the bottom reefing Joseph’s line. With a high degree of luck (and some skill) the line came free and the fish was landed. Interestingly, the pig measuring 39cm, had a hook lodged in its right cheek, the aftermath of a previous encounter where the fish came up on top. It was clear the pig was a veteran fighter and had earned its release. We hope to bump into this drummer again and see who wins round 3. After the fight, we both noted how our new Daiwa Mark Dry interline iso rods loaded up like a dream and handled the fish so well.

    All in all, we scored 2 drummer, 4 blackfish, a bream and 2 rock cales with a good few fish dropped (roughly half of the catch were released). A successful test of our new gear.

    My setup:
    Rod: Daiwa Mark Dry 1.5-520 (Interline)
    Reel: Daiwa Caldia 2500
    Line: Daiwa Astron Great Tune 2.5 号
    Float: IFL Basic ISO F-Series 2B (Bullet)
    Leader: Daiwa Toughron Great Z Custom EX 1.75 号
    Hook: Gamakatsu Hook 5 #9
    Bait: White Bread and Cabbage Weed

    Joseph K’s setup:
    Rod: Daiwa Mark Dry 1.75-520 (Interline)
    Reel: 14 Daiwa Impult 3000SH
    Line: Marufuji Hybrid ISO 2号
    Float: IFL Basic ISO F-Series 2B (Bullet)
    Leader: Daiwa Toughron Great Z Custom EX 1.75号
    Hook: Gamakatsu Hook 5 #9
    Bait: White Bread and Cabbage Weed

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    Great report Thomas!
    I didn’t have a great start to the day, slept through my alarm and nearly couldn’t go fishing. While I was rigging up my IFL Excalibur Type II and Daiwa Impult 3000SH at the spot I lost grip of the rod, dropped it on the rocks and 10cm of the tip snapped so i couldn’t use it at all.
    I own a Daiwa Emeraldas MX 86M.E which is a interline rod used for eging. I absolutely love the Daiwa interline rods! Had great fun fighting the fishes. I hope to use more interlines rods in future.

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    That's some good size fish there and a nice write up to top it off! The only surprise is that Tom didn't use Daiwa branded bait

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