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Thread: How to PROPERLY Clean your Reels.

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    How to PROPERLY Clean your Reels.

    For people who start venturing into the deeper end of selecting reels will at one point or another question "What is the best way to take care of my reel". Whether this question enters your mind once you've got a heap of corrosion leaking through the creases of your reel or when it's brand new but you're too cautious to take it out to your secret spot, it's something worth knowing.

    For starters, it's good to know that there is no reel that is an indestructible piece of work and that all reels, magsealed or not will eventually give in. Most reels, if not all of them, will have rubber seals, or o-rings that will make the reel fairly water resistant. That being said, you should still be conscious of the fact that these mechanisms aren't perfect and there will never be a 100% waterproof reel.

    Cleaning reels are actually VERY simple. There are a few ways you can go about it and they're all 1 minute jobs if not less.

    Option 1:
    Take your reel into the shower and run it under the shower for a few seconds then dry it with a towel. The important thing here is to make the shower sprinkling setting as light as possible which depends on what kind of shower you have and therefore may not be suitable for everyone.

    Option 2:
    Grab your hose and set it onto the sprinkler mode and give your reel a quick rinse and a few spins, another quick 3 second rinse and dry it off with a towel then leave it in the shade to dry.

    Option 3:
    This last option is probably the safest way to go about cleaning your reel. Get a towel, dab a bit of water on it and wring out what you can. Once you've got the moist towel, wipe down the reel making sure to get into the crevices without forcing it.

    It is important to clean the reel at any place where salt could build up, the most common places where corrosion tends to set in includes:
    - Line roller
    - Anywhere along the handle where it swivels,
    - Base of the handle knob
    - Inside the rear guard
    - Under the rotor (usually sand rather than salt)
    - Anti reverse system (if any salt gets inside)

    The biggest NO-NO when it comes to cleaning reels is soaking it in warm water! Once you soak a reel in the water, the pressure difference of the water and the air inside reel will cause the water to try and displace the air, this means that the water will do whatever it can to get inside your reel and once the water tries to get in, it will be confronted by the sand and salt that have been left harmlessly on the outer structure of your reel and try to force that in alongside it. If this salt and sand gets into your reel, servicing is a must because, when using your reel, sand will get in between your gears and slowly but surely grind them down. On the other hand, if you don't use your reel, although the sand won't damage your gears, the water will eventually evaporate and you'll be left with salt and other sediments which will slowly grow and corrode the inside of your reel rendering all the bearings and possibly the gears and main shaft unusable.

    Just cleaning your reels after each use will extend it's life by a significant amount so it's definitely a must for all anglers who have gear that they hold dear!

    I've attached a few photos of some reels which have come to me in poor condition.
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