Today I was geared up with the following:
Rod: Hitena VIVIX ES 8"4M V2
Reel: Daiwa Emeraldas Air 2508H
Bling: Livre Custom Balancer + Livre Double Handle w burnt tip
Line: Hitena Pureline pe 1.0
Lure: Yamashita 3.5 Live, Live Search and Live Search 490 Glow Shallow

Tony and I went for a quick 2 hour Eging session to Lurline bay once again.

Tony and I hadn't been fishing for well over a month so we've been itching to go so badly so when we finally had a 3 hour window of time, we decided without hesitation that we must go meet the ocean once again.

Without any prep, we bought dinner and went off to Maroubra without delay. It was a solid 20 minute trip there.

Once we arrived we met once of our older customers and his wife. We started having a little chat while relaxing but making sure to not neglect our action or casting. The first hour and half was very quiet, however all of a sudden, his wife hooked onto a decent size squid and managed to bring it up to the front. From there, the he took the reigns and attempted to lift the cephalopod up to the surface but a little hesitation caused it to drop right off. It looked like it would've been around the 25-28cm range which is a good size for eating.

Tony, who had been resting and taking it east decided to pick up his gear and cast right next to me (I'd been casting non stop the whole time with no luck) and within a minute or maybe less he hooks onto a small 22cm squid and landed it with ease. Satisfied with his catch, Tony went back to taking a break.

I took 5 more "last casts" to no fruition and decided to call it a night.

Overall, only 1 little Cali was landed, but it felt great to finally get to fish after so long!