Tony and I went for a quick session of Eging on the 28th of Feb.
We started off by going to Long Bay since the swell was a hefty 1.6m! We casted a few times and due to the weather and swell, it seems that a lot of rubbish and other small weeds had drifted off towards the inside of the bay, because of that, our guides were constantly getting filled with filth and made it very hard to fish. After about 10 casts, we decided to just give up and move locations. We went to Lurline bay shortly after and noticed that there was a fair bit of swell and no other people. Luckily the tide was very low and after watching the water for 15 minutes, we decided that we should give it a shot. A few casts in, I hooked onto a nice squid, after a quick fight, I landed it and it was a decent 600g green eye calamari. After that it went quiet for a good 10 minutes and the Tony hooked onto a decent size squid that was about 900g (estimate) but unfortunately due to the swell and lack of netting equipment we weren't able to land it. The swell was starting to get a little rough and therefore we decided to just call it a day.