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Thread: Yusuf in Kyushu,Japan

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    Yusuf in Kyushu,Japan

    Thanks for forming this discussion group. I am new to fishing. I am from USA but working in Japan where I discovered ISO fishing. Perhaps a lucky coincidence that I am in one of the premiere regions to learn this art form. Extremely effective techniques for many different types of fish. To be honest, I believe anyone in the west who encounters iso fishing style and understands the gear will fall in love with it. There are not many English language guides available for iso fishing,this group and the YouTube site were basically how I learned to understand gear, technique, and nuances. Thank you.

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    Hi Yusufa,

    Welcome to Ozisofishing and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Japan is a great place, I visited late last year for the first time for work and absolutely had a blast. Thanks for the kind words and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Best regards,

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    Welcome to the group Yusuf! I'll be looking forward to hearing more news from you in the future it'll be really cool to see the local fishing spots in Kyushu and the fish it produces!

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    Welcome to the Oz ISO Fishing forums Yusef. Very lucky to be in Japan where ISO fishing was born. Looking forward to seeing a few reports from over there.



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