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Thread: Unplanned ISO session

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    Unplanned ISO session

    Woke up early cos my fishing habit... Danirl rang me he's otw to my local ledge and asked me I wanted to join so off I went. I took 1 local boy who never caught a drummer before.
    Started a bit slow... And then Bang... Dan was on... Good fight turned out to be 40cm Tarwhine..took few snaps and off it released.
    As the sunrise passed we kept burleying and the bite was getting better and better.
    I borrowed Sean my ISO setup and he was enjoying it landed 1 drummer 35cm and 2 smaller ones which are his first drummer ever. He was happy.

    We called it the day as sun came up and it was so hot around 8.30am.

    We had 7 drummers few breams and tarwhine.

    Took 3 home and released the rest...
    Fun day to be out in the water.

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    For an unplanned session it sounds like it went quite well!

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    Some quality fish there, including the fat Tarwhien caught by Dan. Congrats to everyone on a successful session

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