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Thread: Jewfish By catch

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    Jewfish By catch

    Started of my eldest daughter Ava asked me if she can go Jewfish fishing and she's keen.... So off we went 3am in the morning.
    Started with butterfly yakkas with no touch, by sunrise I pulled up the anchor and move spot for SP and Vibe.

    After few drifts the sounder was looking full with bait and the hope was high...

    Finally had a hook up on something decent, which turned out to be 70cm flathead.. She was released to fight another day after few snaps.

    No jewfish but the by catch was ok I guess.

    Always good day fishing... Specially with the loved one.

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    Must've been nice fishing with a great view like that and to top it off a good size flatty!

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    What a croc, nice work Tim. Good to see the lake producing some good fish.

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