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Thread: Pre-Christmas Long Bay Eging

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    Pre-Christmas Long Bay Eging

    Last Friday, our team of 4 planned to meet at Long Bay by 8pm, we arrived a few minutes late and without delay went down to the designated spot and were thrilled to see that we had the whole place to ourselves. We set up as fast as possible as we anticipated the peak time to be between 7:30pm - 9pm due to the moon's positioning however the wind was blowing directly in our faces as it was an unwanted easterly. The swell was a supposed 1.3m at 6 seconds but it seemed closer to 1.5m or a little higher since water was splashing up despite being low tide.

    I casted out a few times with no luck and by my third cast, Tony, Frank and Frank's wife started to cast out alongside me. Without wasting a moment Tony hooked onto what looked to be a solid squid on his first cast, the squid started peeling some drag and putting up a good fight, a good 2 minutes later Tony managed to land the bugger and it was a solid 30cm green eye. With my hopes up, I casted out again and whilst I was in the middle of working the Egi, I could hear some drag going off. Once again, without a moment of hesitation, Tony had hooked onto another squid that started taking drag and putting up a fight, a couple moments later, Tony managed to land the squid and once again it was another ~30cm green eye. While continuously casting out and working the Egi jigs, it went quiet for 30 minutes when suddenly Tony's drag started going off again, this time it seemed much bigger than last time but after around 30 seconds, it quietened down and seemed that the squid had escaped. After Tony retrieved his lure, he checked to see if there was anything wrong and to our surprise there was a squid leg stuck on the hook.

    We continued fishing with high hopes but had no luck for the rest of the night as high tide got closer the swell became more apparent with the occasional big waves breaking against the rocks and showering us with seawater. At 11pm we decided it was about time to leave since we had no hits for the last 2 hours.

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    weather forecasts haven't beent too accurate lately, especially with the swell period. Everyone heading out fishing should definitely check the surf cameras and for the people heading out early morning, Bondi beach surf cam has lights so you can check the swell the night before you go.

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