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Thread: Sunrise Eging at Long Bay

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    Sunrise Eging at Long Bay

    With a team consisting of 6 people we went to Long Bay for a quick morning Eging session last Sunday. We arrived at roughly 5:30pm and missed first light but were still pretty keen since the conditions seemed good with a bright weather forecast and a swell of 1.2m. 3 of the 6 people attending were beginners to fishing and therefore tried some bottom fishing whilst the remaining 3 of us were hoping for some decent squid.

    The swell seemed a little rougher than what was listed on Willyweather but it was definitely still safe enough to fish so we started casting out some egi's in the hopes of hooking up something good. There was a nice backwind which was letting us cast out quite far but for the first 40 or so minutes we couldn't get any hits. Clouds started to appear despite the sunny + no rain forecast but we paid it no attention and kept our trust in Willyweather, as the clouds appeared, Tony managed to hook up a little sweet potato sized squid and roughly 10 minutes later I hooked up a small squid roughly the same size. All of a sudden we heard thunder crack through the sky and looked up to see a dark grey mess of clouds hovering right above us and soon after, a light sprinkle of rain continued on for 2-3 mins when all of a sudden it started pouring buckets.

    We took shelter under some conveniently shaped rocks to avoid the rain and lightening, 10 or so minutes later the rain started to die down and I attempted a few more casts but noticed a sharp tingle on my finger as I continued casting. I ignored it at first but then realised that it was because of the lightening and carbon rods being conductors (hence the little lightening warning sign on most/all carbon rods), noticing that, I decided that it was time to pack up but as I started to retreat the rain had stopped so everyone started to resume fishing.

    20 or so minutes after the rain had stopped Tony hooked onto another little squid and with that we decided that it was time to go home.
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