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Thread: Possibly The Best Lines on the Market - HITENA

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    Possibly The Best Lines on the Market - HITENA

    Recently, I've been getting into Eging, Spinning, Shore Jigging and all the other types of lure fishing available from the shore, and with this, I realised how important it is to have a good quality line in order to get that extra edge when it comes to using lures.

    I started off with the Amigo (white line) which i thought was a fairly decent line, it's very thin making it possible to get a strength of ~15lb at pe 0.8 which i used for Eging and that meant I was able to launch my lure quite far without sacrificing any strength or security. However the softness of the line was a big downside for me because of the constant wind-
    knots that kept forming, this was heightened by the fact that I was still rather inexperienced. Overall I found it to be a pretty good line considering the price and would be an even better line if I took care of it and applied PE line coating to it constantly.

    Moving on to my second spool, I tried out the popular Daiwa J-Braid line which I noticed had a higher breaking strength than what's listed on the pack, making it a nice surprise, however, after properly considering the thickness of the line... it's not that surprising. The coating on it was similar to the Amigo, making it quite soft and not ideal for casting but definitely had less wind knots which I quite liked. Overall I would've rated the J-Braid below Amigo due to the thickness being ridiculous for the strength thats listed. It would probably be a decent line for your good old bottom bashing or boat fishing but not so much for any form of finesse or lure fishing.

    For my third spool of line I decided to go back to the Amigo but with a little upgrade, the Amigo Plus! I'll say this from the start but I definitely liked this one. The line was strong, thin, had nice coating and casted quite well, however, it had 1 major flaw, it's extremely unforgiving when it comes to wind-knots... 1 wrong cast and you'll lose a solid 20-50m of line. I would recommend this line if you're on a budget but still want a good quality line, just be careful to avoid wind knots!

    The fourth spool of line was something quite amazing. The Hitena Pureline! This 120m spool of line may have changed my life. The first thing you noticed when you feel this line is how hard the line is, with research, I found that it's a combination of how tightly the line is braided and the quality of the coating. This line is definitely one of the thinnest and strongest lines you'll find on the market with PE 0.8 being a hefty 16.5lb! A common factor I've found amongst many lines is that, the softer and thinner the line, the less resistant to abrasion (damage/scratches) it is, but the Pureline being a very hard line allows for it to be even thinner than most other lines and so it is very resistant to abrasion! Although I've been careful with it, it has definitely gotten a couple bumps and bruises from constant eging at night, however the main line has only broken on me twice. Once was because I was in a horrible position with a squid on the line placed in a bad spot, a circular ledge in front of me, plus a wave crashing into the squid and pulling while my line was grinding up a sharp rock edge. The second time was due to a wind knot that I overlooked and forcing a sharp cast, with the result being obvious. Overall, the Hitena Pureline has been my favourite by a landslide, I have practically no complaints about it, if i had to criticise something about it, it would be that the line is quite noisy when under tension but the pros completely outweigh the cons! .

    I've also tried the Saltiga 8 Casting Braid and it has very few downsides. I find it to be a very balanced line with great coating and a good thickness-strength ratio with pe 3.0 being a solid 50lb. The line is very hard and coated well compared to lines like the Amigo, J braid etc. but softer than the Hitena Pureline and it's counterparts. The Salitga 8 Braid casts very well and the quality of the coating makes the line quite good when it comes to abrasion resistance. Overall the Saltiga 8 Casting Braid is a very well made line which does the Daiwa name proud.

    As I have been getting into Shore Jigging and Spinning lately, I've tried my luck with the Hitena Pureline's counterpart, the Hitena Raptor. The first thing i noticed with the Raptor is that it is quite loud, in fact, it's a little louder than the Pureline which tends to be noisier than most other lines on the market. This "noisy sound" of the line, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, is a sound that resembles winding a reel with broken bearings. Despite the noise however, I tried out the line and it's AMAZING! The line has the same "Airbraid" technology and coating as the Pureline making it very hard and resistant to damage making this line practically the same as the Saltiga 8 Casting Braid but with a better thickness-strength ratio with PE3.0 being an astonishing 55lb and a superior coating and hardness of the line resulting in a greater casting distance and better resistance to abrasion. Unfortunately, there is no perfect line in this world and therefore, here are the 2 negatives about this line. The first is the aforementioned noise that it makes, and the second is that it seems to be especially susceptible to breakage when you get a wind-knot. Overall I found the Raptor to be a quality line that surpasses the Saltiga 8 Casting Braid in most categories with the added advantage of being available at a cheaper price point.

    Out of the lines that I have used my ultimate winner is *drumroll* The Hitena Pureline! All the lines I have used until now have their pros and cons but when it comes to my 2 favourite categories castability and thickness-strength ratio, the Hitena Pureline has them all beat. The only other line that could give it a solid run for it's money was the Hitena Raptor but since I've only used it for Shore Jigging, which I am still inexperienced in, I found it hard to gauge the line fairly and accurately.

    I decided to research more about the Hitena lines due to my positive experience using them and I've found out various things.
    1. Hitena is using a technology called "Airbraid" Technology which allows them to make a line which has more than 12 braids (unsure as to how many exactly)
    2. Hitena developed a coating which they use on all their lines
    3. The weaving of the braids are done tighter than other lines
    4. Polefin technology allows Hitena to achieve 10% greater strength than regular braid line material.

    After some digging around, a chart with the comparison between Japan's top 2 lines (YGK D-Tex and Daiwa 12 Braid) and the Hitena lines was made. The information presented was collected and released by the creator of Hitena lines making the information reliable. The translated version is down below.

    1) Price - YGK D-TEX > Legend = Stark > Daiwa 12 Braid > Extreme > Smart > Silky > Pureline > Raptor > Alpha
    2) Strength - Legend = Stark > Extreme > Smart > Silky > Pureline > Raptor > Alpha > YGK D-TEX > Daiwa 12 Braid
    3) Abrasiveness (Resistance to damage) - Legend > Extreme > Stark > Pureline = Raptor > Smart = Silky > Alpha = YGK D-TEX > Daiwa 12 Braid
    4) Consistency of line (Life-Expectancy) - Legend > Extreme > Stark > Smart > Pureline = Raptor > Silky > Alpha = YGK D-TEX > Daiwa 12 Braid
    5) Castability - Legend = Stark > Extreme > Smart > Silky > Pureline >Raptor > Alpha > YGK D-TEX = Daiwa 12 Braid
    6) Anti-Bedding - Legend = Stark > Smart > Extreme > Pureline > Raptor > Silky > Alpha = YGK D-TEX = Daiwa 12 Braid
    7) Roundness/Hardness - Legend > Stark > Smart > Extreme > Pureline > Raptor > Silky = Alpha = YGK D-TEX = Daiwa 12 Braid
    8) Noisiness (Noisiest to Most Silent) - Legend > Stark > Extreme > Raptor > Pureline > Smart > Silky > YGK D-TEX = Daiwa 12 Braid > Alpha
    9) Water resistance (Line Coating Quality) - Legend ~ Alpha > YGK D-TEX > Daiwa 12 Braid

    It's pretty hard to believe that even the lowest quality line that Hitena offers is considered better than the Daiwa 12 Braid and YGK D-Tex which are both known for being top end lines. But after using the 2nd lowest quality line in Hitena's arsenal, the Raptor, I can see the reasoning and evidence behind such an unbelievable claim.

    I would like to hear everyones thought on lines they've tried, especially about the Varivas Avani Casting 8PE SMP and YGK D-TEX

    TLDR: a fairly unknown brand in Australia, "Hitena" (quite well known in Korea and Japan), makes a range of lines with unbelievable quality at reasonable prices. I tested them and compared it to Amigo, Amigo Plus, J-Braid and even the Saltiga 8 Casting Braid yet the 2 Hitena lines I tried are the best lines I've ever used.

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    Great in-depth review. Theres so many new PE lines coming into the market now its hard to keep track.

    ISO Fishing Lifestyle Team

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    Great review, Will.

    I must note that the Amigo braid is quite impressive due to its thin diameter (more line capacity for your spool) and strong resistance. I agree with you on it's minor downfall which is the susceptibility to the wind - something you need to pay attention to or else you'll get some nasty wind knots. I haven't any issues with wind knots yet though.

    Amigo is my favourite braid at the moment for eging and shore jigging. I love the white colour which looks great on every single reel (neutral colour) and the price is very reasonable. I believe it was like $35 for 150m and $60~ for 300m?

    Highly recommended.

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    A well explained and thoroughly informative write up William.

    For those who don't know about the brand, here is a brief intro before I kick off my reviews about the line.

    The owner of HITENA is an expert in R&D and runs a massive company in South Korea that specialises in exporting goods worldwide and originally did not sell any fishing goods. The fishing side of his business HITENA is merely his hobby as he is an avid angler with his exporting business being his main business. HITENA was developed as he found a gap in the fishing market for high end gear that was up to his standards and as a R&D expert he perused the task of creating his own brand. Originally he made the products as a hobby as he developed products and he shared around to his friends, but this soon expanded and people acknowledged the quality of the products and were actively seeking his products and now he has built up the company that specialises in only high end fishing gear that is all tested and produced to near perfection. Hitena speaks for itself and you will see the brand growing globally for anglers seeking the best in fishing gear.

    Hitena have a massive range of PE line, sprays, fishing rods, terminal accessories etc.

    I am currently using their range of snaps for eging, their split rings are the best rated for their size that I have seen on the market so far, the braid is phenomenal and their braids are highly rated globally with their patented Airbraid technology. Enough of my chatter, here are my thoughts:


    Hitena Smart Air braid
    Currently using his braid for my eging. At first I wasn't a fan to the noise and the roughness of the braid, but after the 2nd trip I realised the quality of the braid. The sensitivity of the braid is out of the world and the casting distance is what got me the most. The braid casts amazingly and has minimal friction after the cast the line shoots out straight and does not get hit by the wind. I realised after using the braid that the noise is due to the coating of the braid which gives off a louder than usual noise, but I don't mind it now. The strength of the braid is excellent for what it's rated PE0.8 ~17lb.

    To be continued....

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    Hi Gabriel, Is there any stock of Pureline #2 (150m) in Campsie store

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