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Thread: Sunday morning rough eging sesh

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    Sunday morning rough eging sesh

    After coming back from Japan, my hands were itching to go eging so I took my father, William and 2 customers out eging locally. There wasn't many spots we could fish due to the rough swell so we went inside to somewhere safer to squid for the first time. We had never squid here before so we walked around until we found a small ledge that looked fishable. The morning was quiet with no bites from 6am till around 8am when the first bite came in.

    I managed to go through 4 jigs until the 5th one worked. The lure that did the damage was the Yamashita 2016 LIMITED EDITION lure in the yellow (see photo below). Well.... the lure worked well... but the calamari fell off as I was washing it up onto the ledge and all I was left was a tentacle as a gift from Mr Calamari.

    William topped the day by scoring a cuttlefish caught that was caught on a Yamashita K series jig.

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    The squid has been hard up my way too Gab.. Prob cos the water is starting to warm up they go deep..

    But hey fishing is better than sleeping.

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    Haha couldn't agree more. Guess it's time to move onto pelagics now!

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