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Thread: Round 2 CC sesh

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    Round 2 CC sesh

    Hello Everyone,
    After an eventful trip to CC and a 30 Sec of fame fighting with a kingy i had decided to book another boat trip on the famous "ITROLL" with captain TIM. As usual no sleep the night before due to the excitement.

    We arrived to the boat ramp with no car insight, weather was perfect. I said to myself today is a good day time to get my revenge on that kingy, we started eging first, as per usual Captain Tim and Sleep King Ben on the Squid First,

    Caption TIM : JS Company Nixx Special Tiprun - Daiwa Gekkabijin 2000 - Jbraid 6LB - FC Rock Leader 8LB
    Anchor/Burley boy Phong : JS Company Nixx Ex Eging Rod - Shimano Symetre 2500 - Amigo Plus PE - FC Rock Leader
    Sleep King Ben : JS Company Nixx Ex Eging Rod - Shimano Stella Fi 2500 - Sunline Technician #4 Mono

    Also using Squid Jigs that was Purchased from
    isofishinglifestyle thanks to Gabriel and Jay for the Hook up's much appreciated guys, highly recommend the staffs are very friendly, professional and knowledgable about the products and reasonable priced, i can always count on the advise given and the product recommended. they also have many range of products to choose from "one stop shop"

    Natural Colour Squid Jigs and Ben Favourite Colour the "Green" where the ones that hooked up the squids

    Tim Noticed some Bait Fishes, so we quickly Rigged up and headed to where we spotted the Bait Fish, Tim started to spin, Ben was using prawns and, I was using squid. Ben landed a nice Flattie, some Wrasse, leatherjacket and scorpionfish which was released. Myself and Tim caught Yakkas that was pretty big. Tim Snapper Senses kicked in and decided to go to another location.

    As soon as we went to that location, I started to Burley up, BANG Tim was on, the Reel was screaming Tim landed a Few Nice Snappers, Tim noticed that a couple of Kingy stated to chase the Snapper and told me to thrown down a Squid head, (This was my Chance to get that revenge on that kingy that i had lost on my previous trip, the kingy didnt even touched it just looked at it, then changed bait to a Yakka same result no action =(, after a while i changed bait again to Squid Strips, and had some good advice from Tim which landed me a 37CM Bream as i was reeling it in, Tim was on as well , DOUBLE HOOK UP!!!.

    Tim : Luvias Rod 7ft 2-4kg Rod - Daiwa Caldia 2000 - Sunline Braid 5 - FC Rock Leader 16LB

    Me : Shimano Sonic 7ft 3-5kg rod - Shimano Stella 5000FA - Sunline Super PE Braid - FC Rock Leader 16LB

    Weather conditions changed and we started to head back in, My Frav Part was getting to try TIM's Famous BBQ Feed, and it sure was Amazing,thumbnail_20170926_131635.jpgthumbnail_20170926_142901.jpgthumbnail_20170926_094731.jpg

    Thanks Tim for the TRIP.

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    Nice write up and yea it's all good.... Good day to be out in the water

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    Nice write up Phuong Haha Sleep King.

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    A big change from last time, well done guys. Heard from Tim that the kingies were being fussy that morning and most likely too full from feeding on other fish. Smart move in moving to another spot when the action is slow from captain Tim. Great report Phong, hopefully we will see more of your reports mate nicely written!

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    Great report Phong, the Kingy will come soon. Tim's charcoal BBQ fish is becoming famous now, should start something like El Jannahs.

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