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    Wink Nice CC sesh


    Hello everyone, so earlier this week me and Phuong went up to the Central Coast to join Tim for a nice session on his boat. I was super excitedas this was my first time fishing on the boat properly.

    We arrived at the boat ramp by 6:30 and started eging at the first spot by 7:00ish. Today, I decided to use my JS Company Nixx-ex eging rod and my SP rod matched with my tuned-up Stella Fi 2500 and a green 3.5 Yamashita 3.5 jig. This colour jig has to be my absolute favourite! Tim and Phuong were also using the JS Company eging rods and some nice Yamashita jigs.

    The Yamashita jigs seemed to be absolutely irresistible for the squiddies as I was land two by the next 15 minutes or so. One squid was around 35-40cm which produced an intense fight on my Stella. However, the wind was not optimal at this spot so we decided to move.

    At the second spot, we decided to target some snappers and other pelagics. We were getting non-stop hits which seemed to be Yakkas and Trevs. After the pickers had some what disappeared, Tim was able to land a few chunky Scorpionfish which measured to be around 30-35cm. I was able to land a nice pan-sized snapper which provided an amazing fight on my egi rod. Also, I hooked onto a massive fish moments later which seemed to be either a massive PJ or some sort of pelagic which went under the reefs. My Stella's drag went absolutely ballistic and I was fighting this fish for close to 10 minutes. Eventually, I was unable to land the fish as my line had snapped.

    As the action was dying out at our second spot, we moved closer towards the ocean. Tim was able to land a nice snapper. The highlight of the day was when Phuong's Stella was absolutely screaming. Though, the line busted off moments later. It seemed to be a big Kingy! Tim also hooked onto a massive 20-30kg PJ which provided a near insurmountable challenge on his tiny 2k reel.

    We decided to head back to the shore as the conditions were getting intense and had some nice lunch at Tim's house.


    Overall, it was an extremely fun session and we were very thankful to Tim and his family for the amazing hospitality!

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    Nice report Ben, sounds like you guys have a fun time.
    Any photos of the fish or squid?

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    Nice report Ben but wheres the photo of the fish? We demand an upload~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team.IFL.Jay View Post
    Nice report Ben but wheres the photo of the fish? We demand an upload~
    He's lucky enough to survive not burleying for me

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    Great report Ben and loving the photos too, but we still demand the photos of the fish! haha. At least you guys were still able to fish outside and get a squid and snapper whilst also witnessing Phong fight a kingy on the stella, the wind was all over the place that day.

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