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Thread: Tip Run eging

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    Tip Run eging

    NEW 2017 Yamashita TIP RUN eging

    Yamashita 2017 EGI OH TR (Tip Run) egi's have been designed for anglers fishing off kayaks and boat in stronger currents and deeper waters where a conventional simply isn't enough to get the lure down. The LIVE technology is also present in this model.

    The head weighted tip run series assist the egi in sinking faster in the current and can be used to drift in the current. Due to the head weight the will remain in the strike zone for longer and will not rise. The TR series has been designed to be drifted followed by a few strong jerks and sinking action for the best results. Watch the video below for more information.

    Size: 3.5

    Weight: 30g

    Quoted from Japanese Anglers Secrets (

    "Tip Run Eging is done from a free drifting boat of which one side is facing upwind. You fish on the side thatís facing upwind. If the wind is blowing from south and the boat is drifting toward north, you stand on the south side.

    The depth is usually 10m to 30m.

    You drop the jig right underneath. By the time the jig touches the bottom, you have drifted away for some distance. You jerk and crank to the designated depth, usually 3m to 10m above the bottom. And you hold it. Watch the tip for any sign of faint contact. Keep the rod perpendicular to the line.
    The drifting boat pulls the jig, moving horizontally through the water. The rod tip is tensioned by the drag. Squids can come and take away the jig, like a fish. Or, they can come and, with the tentacles, hold the jig for a moment. They can be suspicious. They hold and examine Egi, and eventually let it go. Thatís right. They have hands!! They donít go straight with the mouth. They are clever too."

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    Looks crazy Gab

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    You may have to try it out on the boat for us

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    Get onto Yamashita Gabriel an ask them to make an egi range with 2 tow points like the kraken egis have,they are great for using the 2 egi technique,at the moment we use a kracken size 3 up front because it has 2 tow points an a small 2.5 or 1.8 yamashita on a 40cm trace behind,an I'd rather just buy yamashita egis off you guys

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