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Thread: Raised the kracken

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    Raised the kracken

    Just wanted to share with you guys the biggest squid
    Iv hooked its not a record breaker but its the best iv doneIMG_3603.jpgIMG_3603.jpg

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    On a kracken egi as well or not,that little 1 needs some crab stuffing an a quick roast,I love the little ones,nice size that bigger 1 well done

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    That's a good size calamari mate, well done. The squid aren't plentiful at the moment, so getting one that size off the shore is a solid effort!

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    Looks like a solid Calamari, well done. Bit hard to see in the photo but how big did it measure?

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    I like the photo! Once I tried to photograph one underwater, but I did not do it well, maybe it's worth using these tips

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