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Thread: THE GULF sydney royal national park

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    THE GULF sydney royal national park

    Just wondering if any of you guys have fished a place in the national park called the GULF it just past curracurrang gully south of wattamoola.I'm keen to find out if you have to walk around the rocks to the point then south along the ocean rocks to get to this spot or can you climb down from the top of the cliff somewhere above the ledge.Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    I could my dad how to get down as he used to fish there frequently back in the days. I haven't ventured down there due to the length of the walk required to get there, but have heard of good things from there as well as a word of caution for all anglers.

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    Nice do you climb down from directly above the platform or walk around the rocks from the point.A couple of mates went diving there in about an showed me some photos of fish that I have seen that big for along time an right in front of the ledge,we might have to organise a trip Gabriel

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