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Thread: Dealing with the groper groupies

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    Dealing with the groper groupies

    Over the years I,ve keep quite a lot of big blue groper over 10kgs.Most ledges I fish I take at least 1 big fish from maybe 2 every year an have done for the last 30 odd years,Like this year I have caught 7 blues over 10kgs an have kept 4 and those 4 will be replaced by another 4 by next winter make no mistake.These fish have feed me my wife an our 3 young kids who all love fish as do most of my extended family.But unfortunately There are certain types of people who frown on taking big blue groper because there's not many big ones around???,every point,rock pool, or local harbour has the resident big blue groper ["an I aint talkin Rolf Harris"] all the locals call Gary the groper or something or the other an if they see you fishing will come an call you all sorts of amusing things,But little do they know more times than not is that when they have see him each year its actually a different fish,Because of the limited knowledge most Greenies have is based on the banning of groper fishing in the 1970's they have no real understanding of the amazing comeback these magnificent fish have made,just like their understanding of most things unfortunately .Even the NSW Fisheries would have you believe that groper form breeding groups that consist of 1 Mature Blue groper which is the male an a group of smaller females which are brown groper an that they gather on the inshore reefs to breed in winter????Which is absolute garbage!!!! their fish not deer for crying out loud!!!!The groper are there all year round,trust me I dive all all year round,They don't form groups of any kind most of the year, actually big male blue groper are the most anti social fish I've ever seen,The only time I've ever seen blue and brown groper together is when they spawn which is at the very start of spring and its done at the back of the breakers at the nearest entrance!they start to travel these entrances at the begin of winter an gather in huge numbers at the rocky points or islands closest to these entrances along the coast,Early one morning in spring at the very bottom of the low tide they move into the mouths of these estuary an gather in massive numbers at the back of the waves in the entrance to spawn,How do I know that I hear you ask??Diving early one morning in spring years ago when I was 20 I was spearfishing for jewfish at the entrance to a lake on the far south coast as I got to the back of the waves in the entrance I notice a blue groper of about 15kgs was just swimming along the sandy bottom an I thought thats unusual! then another 1 swam past!then another!then another next minute there was groper every where,I mean hundreds an hundreds of fish ranging in size from about 3kg up to about 25kgs the big blue males were swimming spread out about 10m apart an the female Brown groper were forming groups of about 20 or 30 fish and when there was enough females in a group they would shoot up off the bottom all together and release all their eggs at the same time and return to the bottom an the nearest male would shoot up from the bottom an fertilize the eggs in 2 or 3 quick pass then return back to the bottom an continue swimming along ,they continued to spawn like this for the next 40 or so minutes until the tide started to run in an then just as quick as they appeared they were gone back out to the reefs.And to prove my point I have witnessed this groper spawn behaviour on 6 separate occasions over the years it just so happens to coincide with the best lobster diving as well.Anyway The incoming tide carries the fertilized eggs into the protected waters of the estuary were the baby groper can grow up nice an safe just like the greenies want,until they reach a size of about 0.2kg or about 6cm were they return back out to the ocean {WHERE THEIR ASS IS MINE}in massive numbers each an every year like they have done virtually unmolested except for the occasional mad groper fisherman{willing to fish 100lb locked drag stand up tackle??} for the last 50 plus years,So don't ever feel guilty about taking a big blue for the table or let anybody tell you Blue groper are rare an endangeredjust politely info them they have absolutely no idea what their talking about.Trust me not only do they taste better than the smaller brown grope, there is also heaps of big fat tackle busting blue monsters swimming around the rocks these days,An realistically not many people target them and lets face it even less people who do have the gear to stop one of these monsters once they get over 10kg,When was the last time you saw somebody fishing crab baits on 100lb+ tackle at you local rock spot??,An thats all I have to say about that box of chocolates

    P.S Like I tell my kids "STAY COOL PUNKS"
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    Nice write up Matt, thanks for sharing so much knowledge and insight into their spawning and social habits. Brad

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    Cheers mate,I've been hassling the department of fisheries to start a tagging program for groper but their not interested at the moment,There to busy trying to work out the travel patterns of the different Marlin species!!!!!!!!!Heads up boys,they travel down the coast in summer an back up the coast in winter an have done since day dot its not that hard but I think its easy work for hoppel heads lol

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    Great write up, whether it's limited or not. Take what you need, not what you can kill is the key to sustainable fishing

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    cheers and that's exactly right Aceboy,the only bag limits I hate are the ones on lobsters an abalone Its no longer worth the time an effort to go for a dive their is 5 in my family who all love seafood an 2 lobsters an 2 ab is ridicules,4 lobsters an 10 ab like it use to be,would still leave it sustainable,a couple of caves i dive for lobsters at have 20 or 30 lobster in them every time I dive an have done ever since i was 15yrs old an I'm 46 now The caves go back a long way an you couldn't take all the lobsters even if you wanted to you just cant reach them an a couple of these caves the walls look like they have been tiled with big abalone there is that many An like taylor swift says Poachers are gunna poach poach poach no matter what bag limit is ,unfortunately

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