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    Iso rod

    Gday I,m about to buy my first full on ISO rod an think one of them excaliber rods look alright most of the fishing it will see will be for big pigs any opinions will be greatly helpful, I have absolutly no idea about ISO rods an the abilities to handle fish

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    Hey Black Pig, nice to meet you. I'm a relatively new ISO angler myself but I'll try to assist you.

    If you're looking to handle big piggies then I would recommend you getting the IFL Exalibur Type II.

    It's a magnificent rod that is equipped with all the best components found in the high-end ISO rods such as Fuji Titanium guides. It's also a rod that has been specifically designed and tested for Aussie fishing conditions!

    Also the serviceability is very good.

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    Nice to meet you to thanks for your input I,ll be buying 1 very soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Black pig View Post
    Nice to meet you to thanks for your input I,ll be buying 1 very soon
    Congrats and you're welcome anytime.

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    Many of us are using the IFL Excalibur Type II to chase pigs and one of the latest big catches on the IFL Excalibur Type II is by josh from Ozisofishing with a 55cm drummer on the rod:

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    Nice fish I,ve seen them iso rods bend that would have been excellent fun,well done

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    got myself an excalibur type 2 not too long ago as well, best rod ever.

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