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Thread: Botany Bay | Multiple Squidding grounds 04/05/17

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    Talking Botany Bay | Multiple Squidding grounds 04/05/17


    thought i'd share some of my squid grounds. their pretty well known aswell so no spot x but they produce alot of squid.
    best times to squid early morning before sunbreak until 9am odd. and afternoon just before the sun goes down until 6:30-7pm. action really quietens down so if you want to hang around its pretty quiet. best go go bottom bashing or something else to kill the time.

    if going its always best to bring someone. safety comes first.

    botany bay south.jpg
    above image is of botany bay south - kurnell( captain cooks landing) there is also a little wharf there which can easily cast into the kelp beds. which is good for kids to have a go. or if your hardcore then walk in from the beach. you could probably walk 1/4 of the way and still be below waist height. but be careful and make sure you go with someone if you intend on walking in.

    botany bay.jpg
    above image is botany bay- bare island and surroundings.
    if fishing off the rocks be careful of swell, wind, the rest of it. theres space from the bridge to the east side which la parouse beach. those rocks are accessible and squid can be found there also. or fish off the bridge to the east/west side.

    goodluck fellas & bellas.


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    Thanks Sam, I am sure with the squid season picking up many will find this useful.


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    Cheers for the share Sam, this will help many people in eging locally as the season is upon us now. Always need to be careful around the island there as it can get sketchy towards the southern point of Bare island.

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    nice Sammuel

    Chris and I are still waiting on that invite on your boat haha

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