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Thread: Beginner ISO fishing

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    Beginner ISO fishing

    Hey guys,
    Been looking at iso fishing for a while now and yesterday bought myself the basic ifl type 2 rod from the store, Will explained alot about the way fishing was done and was very helpful. I'm using a Shimano Sedona 5000 reel which I was told may be a little heavy. I'm using 20 pound braid and 10 pound trace, with a 3B float and matching splitshot. Caught a 20cm bream at the spit bridge but went quiet after that.

    Just a question when casting out, how much slack should I actually leave. I usually cast out with a decent amount and wait for my Bob to sink to know I have a fish on. But by doing this I cannot feel any bites.

    Do I always need to have my float in sight ?

    Also what is the best way for landing fish if you are on your own because I'm aware you can't just rip fish out of the water with these type of rods, I beached the bream and sat my rod on the floor to remove it's hook.

    Cheers guys !

    P.s I've attached a photo of what I'm assuming the normal iso rig is, I just haven't added lumo beads between the float and swivel or the float cushion.

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    First of all, welcome to the forums mate great to have you on here. To answer a few of your questions:

    Slack line - We often call it line management where you control the amount of slack line you have between the float and your rod tip. Generally, I like to have enough slack line that the line isn't pulling on the float - Reason being is that if the line is too tight, you will find that the bait won't sink and the line will actually prevent the rig from sinking. However, if there is too much slack line, this can let the line drift away and will also hinder your sense of any bites and reduce the amount of hook ups you get when you strike. There should be just enough slack line for you to wind a few turns and strikes. If you find that you need to wind several times to pick up the slack before you strike, there is too much slack line.

    Float in sight - It is often easier to watch the float go under when knowing to strike however, it isn't necessary and you can feel the bites through the line/rod tip. As you get into ISO fishing, there are a few sinking rigs that require you to feel the bites through the rod tip or line too.

    Landing the fish - We usually carry around an ISO landing net to land most of our fish. If the fish is small, you can simply pole the fish up (don't high stick the rod) sideways or wash the fish up.

    ISO rig photo -
    Everything looks good. If you have a running sinker, attach the sinker to the main line. If you have a split shot, try placing the splitshot halfway on the leader, this will make it easier to sink your rig.

    Hope this helps.

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