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Thread: Shimano or Daiwa

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    Shimano or Daiwa

    Want to do some Stickbaiting and poppering off the rock and have been looking at either the Shimano Terez TZS78HPW or Daiwa Saltist Hyper 82Xh ? Or can anyone recommend another rod for around the same price ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Its all depend what sort of lure u want to cast the most. Stickbait or popper and what weight. Cos those rod are quite specific. In other word if u prefer to do alot of stickbait, get a rod with softer tip and if popper then stiffer tip. If its me, i would get a stickbait rod which i found its alittle versetail. Cos stickbait rod still allow you to use smallish popper or pencil popper. For instance i have been using crostage casting stage CRC83HH which can cast up to 120. I found i can work stickbait up to 120grm rigged, 100grm pencil popper rigged and 60-80 grm smallish cup popper rigged. Excellent when using stickbait, good when using pencil popper and just able to do the job when doing popper.

    Hope thats help mate

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    Like what Simpy has mentioned, a popper rod will be stiffer and the stickbait will require a softer tip to prevent the stickbait from flying out of the water. The rod will depend on your budget and what weight you intended to cast as well as the reel size you were planning to match it up with. If you to take a look at the Saltist, feel free to come into the shop to check it out =)

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