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Thread: Diamond Head report

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    Diamond Head report

    About 300 kms drive from North Sydney Just passed Crowdy Head is Coopernook.
    Turn off here onto gravel road leading toward the sea and parallel along the beach, past Kylie's Beach campsite you eventually come to the Diamond Head National Parks campsite. Classic gravel road, not too bad for 2 WD cars.

    Indian Head also has a campsite and could be an option for beach and the headland to the north. Good fishing off the rocks and close to the beach.

    The Dimond Head Campsite has good camping ground and good clean facilities, no hot water but that is something you can make with a kettle of hot mixed into one of those portable shower bags.
    Ice and firewood are available at the kiosk, Laurieton is 10 minutesí drive north of the camp and Woolworth and Coles exist. Beautiful estuary town, oyster farmers still in existence. The offshore fishing is famous for snapper. Launching ramps are in some of the caravan parks I understand.

    For rock fishing you basically walk around the headland from the beach. There are a few challenging parts where you will need to climb down a wade a small rock pool to proceed further. You young fellows will find it a breeze.

    I found a great low tide spot and landed bream drummer and luderick. Cabbage weed and cunji are available and take a few from different patches, limit your take please. Carbs are also quite easy to catch and top bait.

    Berley with the usual bread weed and prawn shells. Hang on when the big pigs hit, they are fat at the moment. The big ones are a bit fishy which is not often the complaint with pigs, Gutting the fat ones revealed plenty of egg and milt. I really should have ditched them in hindsight.

    Certainly I will return there. I would go back and maybe try out Indian head.

    The only negative I have is a small group of locals think blaring the rugby league and playing their music until 10:30 as they get hammered is normal. The main thing is they did stop and it didn't get out of hand. The number of caravans is ridiculous, camping is using a tent in my mind. If you can accept and ignore this the place is a gem.
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    Wow, thanks for such the in depth analysis of the fishing spot Lance. The location looks amazing and is definitely a go for big drummer and even a chance for some big reds off the rocks.

    Haha, I can imagine that it would be hard to sleep with all that racket going on.

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    Gab you just continue to sip a cold one and pass out.

    Jews are also caught quite often I hear. Slow retrieving a pilchard works well I was told.

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    Nice write up lance... Very informative and for sure fun outings

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    Very informative location report Lance. Definitely does look like a great spot judging by the photos you put up on the group chat of the fish. How big was that big Drummer you put up a few days ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haraka View Post
    Gab you just continue to sip a cold one and pass out.

    Jews are also caught quite often I hear. Slow retrieving a pilchard works well I was told.
    Jewies on the slow jigs are a possibility here in assuming too!

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    Thanks for the report Lance. I hope I can get up there one day. Would love to land a jewy on iso one day.
    Hopefully we can actually have a session together one day.

    cheers Scott

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    A friend of mine who lives locally, when not working up in Darwin goes there to spin for them - A common tip is the jews are under the whitewash at the base of the rocks. Every cast in the clear is a wasted cast when it comes to Jews. Red head lures are commonly mentioned.

    The slowly slowly pilchard retrieve is an interesting comment too.

    As they say there's more than one way to skin a cat.

    I slow jigged for zip at 13:00, casting to the sand opposite the ledge I have in the picture. Nothing happened and it's probably because of the time on day. When I've caught jews it was late afternoon mostly. The moon was past "full" so also not the best. The 992 is bloody awesome by the way, quality and build is exceptional.

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