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Thread: Big Game rod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team.IFL.Jay View Post
    Its part of the fishermans code that landing a 10kg Kingy mouth hooked is the equivalent accomplishment of landing a 16kg Kingy that's been gut hooked. Ok I just made that up but lets make this a thing from now, what say you?
    Hahaha looks like we should have a competition going on!

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    You've made a very good point Jay. We all fish for different reasons. For those that fish more for the sporting aspects, they would want to beat a mouth hooked fish. Although rare, we have gut hooked a kingie using double circle hooks. We use two circle hooks on dead baits such as squid and garfish. On livies we tend to only use one circle hook bridle rigged just above the eyes. It's very easy using a bridle needle. It's challenging enough trying to land a big kingie from a boat, but I reckon 20 times harder when shore based as you are fighting it in the snaggy environment that they love

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    If catching a big fish is easy, everyone will be doing it and pretty soon there won't be too many around to catch. Also, the big ones are very smart that's why they got to be big. James and I enjoy the challenge of trying to catch a big fish. We are not purely catch and release as we enjoy eating fresh fish too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wongster View Post
    I have been trying to catch a 1 metre plus kingie off the shore in Sydney for the past 4 months having spent more than 100 hours chasing them mostly with live baits bridle rigged on an 8/0 circle hook. To date, I have hooked a couple but yet to land one as they are such dirty fighters that I have been smashed a few times on 80lb leader. i have upgraded the leader to 100lb but haven't hooked one yet. The outfit I'm using is a Murasame Caranx 80 popper rod (8 feet in length) and Daiwa Catalina 5000 reel spooled with 80lb braid.

    Big kings around Sydney are not as plentiful as New Zealand or Lord Howe Island or South Australia, as such, getting a hook up to a big king around Sydney is pretty challenging but landing one is like climbing Mount Everest.

    Yup, it'll be fun to hook a big kingie on a big game ISO rod, landing one would be the challenge!

    Michael just wondering what are the advantages of using a bridle rig as opposed to just hooking the live bait from the nose?
    Do you think you could bring a live bait rig you use on the organised iso trip on the 10th August for me to check out?

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