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Thread: Cod ID

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    Cod ID

    Does anybody know what type of cod this is? (Looking for you Owen

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    Pretty sure its Banded Cod
    Rockwave ISO Fishing Team (Sydney) - Peter

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    Looks like the brother of a Wirrah and therefore tough as a boot.

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    It does look like a juvenile banded cod (bar cod), but I couldn't count 7 bands on it lol

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    Thanks guys, looks like a bar cod indeed. Lance, I called it for a giant wirrah at first too.

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    Bar cod live in the DEEP they aren't caught close to shore. If you do catch on they are stunning eating.barcod.jpg

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    Attachment 2292Eastern WirrahAttachment 2293Yellow Banded WirrahAttachment 2294Banded Cod
    Hope this helps, Looks like a Eastern wirrah they get that mottled look some times

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